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12V DC of 24V DC max 6A per kanaal.

Artikelcode: RI-TOUCH


Touch Controller is designed to control low voltage RGB LED luminaires. It has 16 pro-positioned changing patterns. It features the unique touch interface technology with the function keys. The key beeps when user finger is on. User does not need to have even small pressure on the keys to create dynamic color patterns.

This user-oriented controller can make automatic recognition of 12V or 24V DC when it works with LED products, that means it is compatible with 12V DC and 24V DC. So it can be used for most RGB LED products in the market.
With PWM built in MCU, @touchTM can realize even and smooth dimming without flash. Thanks to the power MOS, the total driven current of the 3 channels can be up to 18A

Color patterns
1. static red
2. static green
3. static blue
4. static yellow
5. static purple
6. static cyan
7. static white
8. colors quickly replace
9. red fades
10. green fades
11. blue fades
12. yellow fades
13. purple fades
14. cyan fades
15. white fades
16. red fades
17. colors gradually replace

Basic technical data
-Input voltage: DC 12/24V
-Output channel: RGB 3 channels
-Input current(load): max. 6A each channel
-Output power: max. 216W(12V input)/432W(24V output)
-Dimension: L226* W45 * H29(mm)
-Weight: 126g

Euro 14.50
incl. BTW 17.55